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Stranger Things actor Matthew Modine said he went to great lengths to protect Millie Bobby Brown from being ‘destroyed’ by fame.

The British actress won the part of Eleven in the smash hit Netflix sci-fi drama, which also stars Winona Ryder, at the tender age of 12, swiftly becoming a household name.

Matthew, meanwhile, was a veteran performer, having been in films such as Full Metal Jacket, when he joined the series set in the 80s, playing the role of Dr Martin Brenner.

The Dark Knight Rises actor joins Jonathan Ross on his talk show on Saturday night, alongside Craig David, Katherine Ryan, Oti Mabuse, Josh Jones and indie darlings Wet Leg, where he discusses Millie’s ascent to the big time.

Asked about working with Millie, when she was at such a young age and new to the industry, the 63-year-old responds: ‘[I was] wanting to be protective of her. How the business changed, when you saw me in Birdy to today… if a movie was successful in 20 or 30 countries around the world, that would be an enormous success.

‘Netflix is in over 190 territories around the world. So what Millie was subject to was global. What she was exposed to – and what all the children on this show were exposed to – was a kind of fame and popularity and notoriety that ever existed in the entertainment industry.’

He continued: ‘Over the course of my career, [there have been] young actors and actresses whose lives were destroyed by that kind of fame and money and everything. It can be very destructive and disorienting.

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Eleven isn’t the only one having nightmares.

Millie Bobby Brown is terrified that she will break the fourth wall when filming for the upcoming season of “Stranger Things” — something her character does all the time on “Enola Holmes.”

“While filming, I had a dream that I was on the set of ‘Stranger Things,’ and I couldn’t stop looking at the camera. And now, I have this deep-rooted fear that now I will never stop looking at the camera,” the young actress said during a Q&A panel at the New York premiere of “Enola Holmes 2,” according to

“So now, I’m so obsessed with it.”

In the Sherlock Holmes spin-off, Brown plays a young detective who will often talk to the camera when she makes new discoveries in her cases, which the 18-year-old describes as “vlogging on YouTube all day long.”

“It’s like, ‘Come along with me on another journey. I wake up. I go on another case,’ I mean, it’s amazing,” she noted.

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They might play a brother and sister on camera, but Enola Holmes 2 stars Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill are actually just pretty good mates in real life. The highly-anticipated sequel film, out today (4 November) on Netflix, sees Enola (MBB) take on her first case as a detective, trying to solve the mystery of a missing girl, but she can’t do it without the help of her brother, Sherlock (Cavill). Despite the age difference between the pair though, Millie reveals that they have managed to build a “real adult” relationship both on and off set.

“With Henry, it feels like a real adult relationship. Like a really good friendship, a really healthy one. One that we have terms and conditions,” the Stranger Things star told Deadline.

“I know Henry. He has terms and conditions with me. I’m not allowed to ask about his personal life. It’s like, ‘Millie, shut up. No.’ And I’m like, ‘Understood.’”

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Millie Bobby Brown has admitted she’s concerned over inadvertently bringing a quirk from Enola Holmes to her character in Stranger Things when filming the final season of the Netflix show.

This week, the sequel to the actress’ Sherlock Holmes spin-off is set to be released on the streaming platform, marking the return of Henry Cavill as the famous detective and Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes.

Millie reprises her role as the younger sister of Sherlock and Myrcroft Holmes, who is also a naturally cunning and curious person, just like the rest of her relatives.

In a recent interview, the 18-year-old pointed out that unlike Eleven in Stranger Things, Enola has a tendency to break the fourth wall, addressing her audience directly as they watch her latest hijinks in 19th century England.

However, she confessed that she was worried that her more casual manner of acting for the film series could end up being carried across to Stranger Things, which she’s starred in since 2016.

While speaking during a Q&A at the New York premiere of Enola Holmes 2 in New York, Millie drew parallels between filming Enola Holmes with ‘vlogging on YouTube all day long’.

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Millie Bobby Brown wants to make ‘Stranger Things’ into “more of a musical.”

The 18-year-old actress has starred as Eleven on the Netflix sci-fi hit since its inception in 2016 and explained that even though she says some things as a “joke”, she would “love” to write a musical episode for the show.

She said: “I say things like I wanted [Eleven] to get married, but then I also said I want her to die. I really don’t know. And also, it’s not my choice. I say all these things really just under my breath, and then people take them and print them. And I’m like, no, no, no – I said that as a joke, that I wanted her to get married and work at a Target. That was a joke. But it’s maybe not a joke. I’d love to be the writer! I’d make it more of a musical!”

The ‘Enola Homes’ star went on to claim that for its finale – which is reportedly due to air in 2024 – the show should take inspiration from the sitcom ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’, which featured an all-singing, all-dancing episode as part of its fourth season.

She told Total Film magazine: “But, you know, they don’t entrust it in the hands of me, which they should [laughs]. Trust me: I can do the finale to ‘Stranger Things’, and it would be great. I think it should be like ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’. Did you ever see the musical episode? It needs to end like that – a musical episode!”


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